10 December 2009

Enchanted Glass

"Enchanted Glass" by Diana Wynne Jones is top of my pre-order list, and only a month to go!

The worlds of Chrestomanci and Howl are fabulous, but I remember "Dogsbody" which I read about twenty years ago. I'm haunted by its ending, and I have my fingers crossed that "Enchanted Glass" will return to the "real" world as "Dogsbody" did and add fantasy.

In fact, "Dogsbody" and "Magicians of Caprona" are probably the two books that developed my taste for fantasy--if you ignore early exposure to Enid Blyton's Folk of the Faraway Tree. Diana Wynne Jones showed that fantasy was more than escape, it was a shrewd take on reality. Much like "The Year of the Griffin" neatly captures the experience of entering university.

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