16 December 2009

Foolish Fancy by Dawn Lindsey

In Foolish Fancy Dawn Lindsey weaves a wonderful regency tale of two people whose social status, needs and desires seem worlds apart, yet actually match. Fancy is a school ma'am and the niece of a celebrated feminist scholar. She is struggling with a dismal future of poverty and an arid, loveless life. Trey, is a former soldier and the new Earl of Wychfield, overwhelmed with responsibility for his younger siblings. When he proposes a marriage of convenience between them, Fancy understands he needs someone to look after his sisters. But Trey is marrying for love. Foolish Fancy just needs to believe.
The majority of the book deals with the couple's emerging relationship prior to marriage. It is well plotted, well written and all of the characters are characters, and not cardboard cut outs.

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