03 December 2009

Forgotten Authors

Any favourite authors who are out of print?

Anne Hepple. I adore her book, "The Mettlesome Piece", a mid-Twentieth Century Scottish romance. A wounded hero and heroine and how they heal and find each other. As with all Hepple's books, other plot strands wind through the romance. Sweet, but not cloying.

Emma Lathen is just about my favourite mystery writer--all right, excepting Allingham, Christie, Maron, Stabenow, Crispin, and a huge list. Still I regret that the John Putnam Thatcher and Ben Safford books are out of print.

I'm similarly pleased to have acquired and hung onto the now out of print Karen Rose Cercone trio of Steel Ashes, Coal Bones, etc. And I adore Charlotte McLeod/Ailsa Craig. I have a weakness for cosy mysteries.

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