26 December 2009

Ghost at Work by Carolyn Hart

I started reading the Annie Darling series by Carolyn Hart many years ago. As it went on and on, I admit I lost interest. But Hart is a good writer, so I included the first book in her latest series on my Christmas reading list, and I'm glad I did.

Bailey Ruth is a heavenly inhabitant and a charming narrator. Hart develops a wonderful heaven (I, too, dream of chatting with historical figures in the next life) and a nifty reason for returning to earth and meddling. The pace is swift, the mystery cosy. Hart, as always, plays fair and scatters clues and red herrings as a good mystery writer should. That said, when I buy the next book in the series Merry, Merry Ghost, it will be for the next instalment of Bailey Ruth, and not for the quality of the mystery's conclusion which I found a little forced.

A wonderful cosy mystery.

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