16 December 2009

Old favourites--category romances

Manuka Fire by Mary Moore makes me cry every time I read it. Not bad for an old Mills and Boon. Megan is sensitively drawn, strong but vulnerable. Her family has left her insecure, and the explanation of the reasons are why I cry on each read. Megan's new home in a remote New Zealand farming community is beautifully brought to life, both the people and the landscape. Moreover, this is one of the rare romances where the heroine's rescuer is not the hero. For that alone, you should read it.

The Seduction of Fiona Tallchief completes the stories of the original Tallchief family. Fiona is the baby, the fiery activist, the elephant kidnapper. Joel Palladin is the son of the man who killed her parents. Their courtship is handled with Cait London's typical, offbeat charm. It is a story of love, courage and redemption.

Sarah Morgan writes excellent medical romances. The Doctor's Engagement is one of the best. Holly and Mark have been friends forever, but then Mark needs a favour. He needs a fake fiancee. For Holly, it's a chance to put some nightmares behind her when she agrees and moves to Cornwall. From friends to lovers is an old romantic ploy, but it works beautifully here.

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