03 December 2009

This is fun

I've allowed myself a whole day to set up this blog. It's exciting, and a gold plated excuse to wriggle out of the word count I should be doing on my urban fantasy novel. Of course, at the back of my mind I'm still musing on ways to make life difficult for its heroine. Poor Lyn. I keep adding in problems--portal travel, portal ownership, a wereleopard, hostile family, a serial killer. It's a wonder she has time to breathe.

I'm trying to work out how my posts will group. Probably reviews (which are both an indulgence because I love reading and a way of learning the craft of writing), about the novel (because it is uppermost in my mind and maybe talking about it will help resolve some plot tangles), musings (about life, society, religion), poetry (so it doesn't all lurk unseen in my red spiralbound notebook) and interesting things other people say.

Maybe I should have called this site a scrapbook?

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