20 January 2010

Continuing a series with a new author

The Witches of Karres by James Schmitz is a fantastic book. I like his Telzey and Trigger stories, too, though I haven't read all of them.

Imagine my suspicion when a sequel to The Witches of Karres came out by other authors. Although I like Mercedes Lackey, I had huge doubts.

And I was wrong. The Wizard of Karres is delightful.

Now, there is another sequel on the way, The Sorceress of Karres. Can it continue the magic? I noticed Lackey is no longer one of the co-authors.

Are there other successful series where different authors have picked up the mantle?

Jill Paton Walsh takes up the story of Lord Peter Wimsey from Dorothy Sayers. The style and sensibility changes, but remains good reading.

 Are there others?

And what will happen to the formating of so many cover pics when I post?

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