04 January 2010

eBook Future

Still on the subject of eBooks, Jane at Dear Author started a discussion about the future of publishing and how readers can navigate the avalanche of eBooks to find treasures. She doesn't have a definitive answer. But as always, the comments are worth a look for the cross-section of readers and authors. Someone (and I apologise for not catching the name) pondered whether eBooks will be the proving ground for new subgenres--like vampires and werewolves were.

Will review sites continue to increase in value as a means of navigating this plethora of eBook offerings? But if that's the case, should we worry about reviewers' tendency to review the same offerings--as readers themselves, have they already been captured by publishing houses' PR depts? I'm not asking in a snarky way, just acknowledging that reviewers are human and as likely as any of us to be enticed by an excellent campaign.

It's all very well to say you can't keep a good book down, but I think they can be lost in the noise.

Maybe we should ask sites like Fictionwise to institute a lottery button. You can select a genre and maybe an age rating, and then the lottery button spits up a novel. The random nature will expand our reading horizons.

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