19 January 2010

"Galaxy Court Judge" at EverydayPoets.com

My poem's just been pub'd at EverydayPoets, and there are reader comments. I love reader comments. Which, of course, means I should return the favour with comments on other people's poems. Unfortunately, not today. My brain is fried from two days of plus forty degree centigrade temps. I'd offend someone by not "getting" their poem, or by mistyping, or...you can see all the excuses shyness hauls out. I'll comment, soon.


  1. Thanks, Tyrean :)

    I read your poem, "Grace Unexpected". [http://www.everydaypoets.com/grace-unexpected-by-tyrean-martinson/] It captures that moment of struggle, and the salvation of a sense of humour. I really loved it.


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