13 January 2010

Maxwell's Revenge by M J Trow

My little whinge the other day about the predominance of series novels was more than a bit unfair. There are any number of series well worth devouring every book. Dana Stabenow's Alaskan mysteries spring to mind, and then, there's the survival-of-the-maddest British high school murders from M J Trow's Maxwell series.

Trow rattles along at a swift pace with humorous references to current and historical events, and an engaging sleuth. Maxwell is sharp, annoying and compassionate. He's a teacher.

In Maxwell's Revenge you might be able to solve the crime well before the book ends, but that doesn't matter. You're enjoying the craziness of British life. Call it satire as much as a murder mystery, the book is a pleasant way to spend an evening with your glass of Southern Comfort (or whatever you prefer) by your side.

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