13 January 2010

Old Favorites

Some mystery novels, like Margery Allingham's, seem never to have gone out of print. Others, however, are much harder to come by. I used to haunt second hand book sales, but I have a suspicion that this once rich hunting ground has been picked over by people snatching up cheap books to sell online. Nothing wrong with someone wanting to make a buck--but what about my reading habit?

I comfort myself with the reflection that all good things come to those who wait. One day forgotten classic mysteries will resurge via ereaders. I'm voting for Phoebe Atwood Taylor, R B Dominic (I have all the Emma Lathen books--yay!), Gladys Mitchell, and a ton of others I'm still to discover.

While I wait for this glorious day, I've noticed Rue Morgue Press is reprinting a number of classics. Now all I have to do is scratch up the dollars to buy them, and the new classic mysteries.


  1. I certainly hope you're right about a resurgence of classic mysteries. It's one of my enduring frustrations with ereaders: there are so many great mysteries that could have a new shelf life if they were available as ebooks. There's very little John Dickson Carr in print now; making all of his available would push me strongly into an ereader purchase.

    By the way, I didn't realize that the women behind "Emma Lathen" had also written as "R B Dominic" - a new area for me to explore. Thanks.

    And if you're looking for classics, I generally review ones that ARE still in print at www.classicmysteries.net - I invite you to visit.

  2. One more thing: I checked Amazon, and a number of the Phoebe Atwood Taylor books are still available in print (in fairly inexpensive paper editions) - and I'm sure the used book dealers and mystery specialists could help find more.

    Not sure why my name was mangled on the last post...thanks, TypePad...sigh...

    Les Blatt

  3. Hi Les, I'm dashing over to your blog right now--in fact, I've already visited! Sherlock Holmes's younger sister looks fascinating. I can see my to-buy list is getting longer and longer. And you're right about Phoebe Atwood Taylor, a number of her books are available (I have about half on my shelf) and I'm contemplating buying "The Cut Direct".

    I hope you're okay with me adding your site to my Great Sites, Wonderful People list?



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