09 February 2010

Book Lists

It would be heaven to have enough money to buy every book whose blurb or review sounded interesting. However, my budget can't support my reading habit, so I've recently organised must-read books into lists.

At the top are books I'm chasing by favourite authors. When they become available at reasonable prices (I'm pinning my hopes on backlists as ebooks, but keeping an eye on secondhand book sites) I'll buy them.

Next on the list are books yet to be published, or published in hardcover (which I can't afford). These books are "buy in future".

Below them are the library books. Books I want to read once and can't justify buying, so I wait till they become available.

At the very bottom of the list is my "gloat" space. Books I've pre-ordered and which will one day magically arrive in the letterbox. I list these with their release date alongside. Terry Pratchett's on there, along with Gail Carriger and Patricia Briggs. When I look at this last list, I start wishing time to move faster. Then I think of progress on my novel, and wish time would slow down.

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