18 February 2010

Do editors dream?

Over at Carina Press the editors have just shared their wishlists, the romances they'd like to read. Two things struck me.

First, the push for Steampunk. I've yet to get my head around this subgenre. Dark or humorous, violent or clever, or maybe, all of the above? I think Steampunk has generally been Victorian England, but the Edwardian world would be a vibrant era. The sense of geographic and technological expansion mightn't be so strong, but there was a confidence, most of all a sense that globalisation was inevitable. WWI shattered the confidence, but the era is a great time.

Second, one of the editors mentioned FOOD. Now, there's a rich subgenre to develop. Growing, cooking, and eating food are all lusty and satisfying activities. And the sensory descriptions would be amazing. Can't you just see the romance at a farmers' market?

Lovely, lovely ideas.

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