10 February 2010

Magic Lost, Trouble Found by Lisa Shearin

The first in a series, Magic Lost, Trouble Found  by Lisa Shearin lives up to the promise of its clever title. It's entertaining and the action rollicks along, narrated in first person. It took me a while to make a mental adjustment to the world Shearin creates. From her opening pages, I kept visioning a darker medieval world, but this magic world is more like romantic Venice meets magic meets Chick Lit. There's violence, but most gruesomeness occurs off-stage.

There's a romantic triangle in the book. It's interesting, not compelling. The relationships seem stronger to me when looking at family, perhaps because it's here that Shearin allows her characters to be vulnerable.

I liked the book enough to buy and re-read its two sequels, and have pre-ordered the fourth instalment of Raine Benares adventures tied to a soul-sucking rock.


  1. Hi Jenny,

    I'm so glad you're enjoying my books!


  2. Lisa

    I more than enjoy your books, I lurk at your blog! Thanks for being braver than me and saying hi with a comment.

    And since I do lurk there, why haven't I added your site to my wonderful people list? Doing it now--and Magic District.



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