17 February 2010

New characters--where do they spring from?

Happily writing away, clear on where my heroine is going and what she's going to do when she gets there (acquire information), a new character launches himself into the scene. Where did Jake come from? One moment Lyn's leaving the house locked and lonely, next she's installing an ex-marine as guard. As far as I know he won't enter the story again (well, maybe he'll be mentioned as a spark to jealousy. After all Stephen will find Lyn gone from home but a powerful, protective man quite at home). I didn't plan Jake. But now he's there, he's not a distraction and he's staying. After the strangeness of the magic world, he grounds the story, a reminder of Lyn's non-magic life and the strength in it.

Of course, a redraft or two later, there's no saying what will happen to Jake. But for now, I'm blown away by the unexpectedness of what my fingers type.

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