09 February 2010


If you want advice on novel writing, try Uncle Jim's thread at Absolute Write Watercooler, under the Writing Novels subforum.

Ok. So now you know that there's good advice, and then, there's my meandering thoughts.

I think out the character responses to my novel's plot at the oddest times of day. Never mind. I'm guessing it's a sign the characters are acquiring life. Still, I have to keep a hold of the fact I'm the writer, the person driving and crafting the story's tension.

A novel can't be all suspense. There has to be moments of pullback, slowdown, reflection. Moments of joy, moments of failure. I was thinking if it would be sneaky but effective to hide away plot clues in the quieter comforting scene after high action? Should I? Will it work? I'm sure as hell going to try. Today's writing goal is to bury some information in a scene, info that will later prove pivotal.

Revelation for the day: A writer has to be a conjurer, drawing attention here to divert attention from the mechanics of the trick.

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