19 March 2010


I've discovered I'm very definitely not an outline and voila sort of writer. I had a rough outline of the Australian djinni novella I'm writing. I knew the main characters, their motivations, the conflict, the black moment, the resolution--but for the last few days, being halfway through, I've been stewing over the feeling it's wrong.

Turns out, as I write, I get a stronger sense of the story--all good, except that I also see the weaknesses.

Have you ever heard the story of the mystery writer who every time tension flagged, added a corpse? I've been adding villains, and that's more than a tad confusing. The story remained coherent, but superficial.

So, today is the day I kill off a villain. The story will be rewritten. It will be tighter and tenser. But damn I wish I could draft a solid outline and stick to it.

Ah, well. Better I stew and correct problems now rather than read rubbish at the end.

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