30 March 2010

Technology and Me Fighting Back

Technology might be bashing me around the ears at the moment, but I am scoring some wins. See the short poem posted below? I scheduled it to post today--and it did. Maybe it's a small win, but it's my own.

However, seems life just exists to puncture self-satisfaction. Having won with Blogger, I've lost with Yahoo. It won't include my signature on my Yahoo group posts--possibly because I've set my emails to go through Gmail. So, now I've altered Gmail to include a signature. Do you think that'll work?

And--although this is terribly exciting, the emphasis is on terribly--I now have to learn about LiveMeeting so I can join in a Carina Press author chat. It seems likely that if anything can go wrong, it will, since the chat begins at 6am (my time) and we're asked to be 15 minutes early. Thank goodness they didn't ask us to be awake and coherent--um, is that kind of taken for granted we will be? Coffee! And my stupid Vista-inhabited computer takes forever to wake up. I think I'll be seeing the dark side of dawn.

Oh well, forget technology. The neat part will be meeting the other authors, editors and everyone.

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