18 March 2010

What's on your mind?

I hate the self-revelation of Facebook. I'm not talking about being sociable or having your privacy invaded, I'm focused on that annoying question on the Profile page, "What's on your mind?"


Again and again, fingers poised over the keyboard, suckered into believing I should answer, I realise there's nothing on my mind but trivia--stuff that shouldn't decently be shared. Stuff like "ick, morning breath tastes awful".

But if I think of Facebook as a conversation, then I understand that "what's on your mind?" is a meaningless greeting, like a salesperson's "can I help you?" It's just there to reassure me I have a place in this space.

Meantime, listening is an equal part of a conversation. Until my brain moves on from its trivia stage, I think the world should be grateful for my Facebook silence.

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