17 April 2010

Beyond Letter Literacy

BoingBoing posts a chat with Henry Jenkins.

I'm trying to get my head around this way of viewing media. I doubt I have the right terminology, but this active engagement of people with books, tv, movies, games, blogs, tweets, websites, whatever reminds me of Postmodernism's critique that we are co-creators of the experience we consume. And what does that mean?

Well, it's suggesting that the more we put in (the more skills and savvy) the more we get out.

Also makes me wonder if content producers (and as a writer, I am one) ought to engage with the internet (the most ubiquitous carrier of social media) in a way that supports people's differing levels of savvy/engagement.

So increasing levels of streaming? a way for people to involve themselves in different depths of engagement with what you produce, given that you (online) are part of what you produce.

I know my thinking is chasing way behind a lot of other people and that I must sound slow-to-the-party and a bit random. But my brain is ticking over.

Different levels of engagement. It has to be easy for people to fit into the level they are comfortable with, but also to move deeper.

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