07 April 2010

Can an email say I love you?

I was thinking about this question last night. Would a twenty first century Romeo twitter rather than stand under Juliet's window and declaim?

A few decades ago there were novels written as letters. L M Montgomery wrote one of her Anne series that way, and Jean Webster wrote another. You watched the heroine's life through her letters.

I'm wondering if the shorter, jerkier language of twitter and emails is as successful at carrying the novel reader into the heroine's relationship.

I recently read a novel where the author glossed over days of the heroine's developing relationship with the hero by saying they texted frequently. Huh? That developed a relationship? Am I a dinosaur that this didn't work for me, or is it something more basic--the author fell into the trap of "telling" rather than "showing"?

Anyhoo, I'm just wondering about how romance and other writers weave these new forms of shortened communication into their stories.

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