09 April 2010

Dreaming of Libraries

An older but still fabulous collection of libraries (or rather their photos). Libraries as beautiful treasure houses. [Link came from Laurie King's post on Facebook]

But after I ooh'd and ah'd over the prettiness of the libraries, reality nudged me. It said, "silverfish", "mould", "not being allowed to take notes in ink". It said, "feet off the chairs", "no coffee or chocolate smears". And I started to think about what a dream library is for me.

A place of silence. (I walked into a local library one day and found them holding a drumming class--I kid you not. Drums in a library).

Comfortable chairs. A desk the right height for a short person--I hate being left swinging my legs while I scribble notes.

Books, books, books--not DVDs--magazines and journals allowed. Must be able to download ebooks.

Good lighting, but no glare.

A sunny courtyard where people can adjourn to chat, drink coffee, smell the roses.

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