16 April 2010

ePublishing and the Rediscovery of the Short Story

Orbit Books have just announced they'll be electronically publishing short stories from their authors. This provides both a new product to sell (for author and publisher) and promotion for the authors' longer works, ie their novels. I think this is smart. SF&F readers have a tradition of short stories, and online short story ezines.

It does make me wonder though--buy a short story from one author or support an ezine that supports many authors (many of whom aren't already published names)?

Fortunately I think there's room for both options in the market.


  1. We actually launched our publishing house with short stories, and we'll continue to publish them as often as we get titles worthy of putting out there. It's an art form that I love, and it's quick reading at a low price for people who don't want to invest a lot of time (or don't have a lot of time) into a full-length work.

    Jay Hartman
    Untreed Reads Publishing

  2. Hi Jay

    I think time investment is a huge and growing issue--and hence, selling point--for readers and short stories.

    Thanks for dropping by.



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