05 April 2010

The iPad amazes me

The Apple iPad amazes me. Not because I've seen one (only through TV/internet) and not because reviews of it blow me away. No, the iPad amazes me because of Apple's tapping of free publicity.

I'd love to see the marketing plan behind the iPad. Discussions of the Apple tablet computer have claimed huge blog and internet space, and even mainstream old media space, for months. Easter Sunday's big story here in Australia on the evening news included the iPad going on sale--overseas. It's not released here, yet.

I know I've been curious and following the story because I want to know if and how the iPad will impact ebook publishing. But what's everyone else's excuse? Is it, as Cory Doctorow hints at BoingBoing, a case of media people (journalists and publishers) wanting to believe the iPad will lock the media to the status quo--the same domination of newspaper moguls and publishing house earls? This would suggest the iPad is not a game changer but a bump in the road.

Hats off to Apple's marketing people for making the iPad the thing  to talk about.

I won't be buying one any time soon.

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