07 April 2010

Oh-So-Sensible Secretary by Jessica Hart

I enjoy Jessica Hart's category romances. She writes about women who aren't glamorous, who know self doubt, but who ultimately follow their hearts. Her heroes are sexy because they're competent (I think I've posted before how competence is a huge turn on in a hero. The alpha male just takes that competence to extremes and beats his breast and hollers while he's about it).

The Oh-So-Sensible Secretary was interesting because it's one of the few Mills and Boon I've read that's written in the first person point of view. After a couple of pages I adjusted and enjoyed it--although a nitpick was the annoying naming of the nail polish the heroine kept changing. Like I cared. I hate nail polish.

A classic category with the hero falling in love and the heroine oblivious, blinded by her own insecurities. Enjoyed it.

And Fiona Harper's Housekeeper was a sensitive handling of grief and head trauma.

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