22 April 2010


I love revisions. I'm in the middle of revising my paranormal romance novella--the one with a sexy Australian djinni (he migrated with Afghan cameleers in the nineteenth century) and a passionate, innocent angel. It's such a good story, and revisions are the place where I get to make it better--tweak the tension, add description using all five senses, simply add joy now that the tough work of first draft is over. It's like someone else has dug over the garden and I get to plant the pretty flowers.

Love, love, love revising. When it's all polished I'll submit it to Carina Press, then type with my fingers crossed till I hear back--hopefully with an acceptance :)


  1. Oof, you blog too fast for me. I can't keep up!!!

    But LOVE the description of your story. I hope Carina accept it so I can read it.

  2. I hope they accept it, too!

    --the secret to the fast blogs--typing with fingers crossed--so painful I type fast ;)

    and back to revisions. Internet off. Distractions forbidden. Although a nice mug of cocoa...


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