23 April 2010

Using the internet and feeling at home

Facebook's ambition to scatter "like" buttons all over the internet, encouraging people to populate Facebook with any and everything that catches their eye has forced me to stop and think about my internet habits and more than that, where I feel comfortable on the internet.

The result is my realisation this blog is my nest. To it I bring back interesting articles and muse on them. It's here that I post triumphs and progress reports (and I have to admit, the odd whinge).

But Facebook wants us all to move our nests to its space.

The problem I have with Facebook is the way all additions to a person's page are dumped on friends' pages. Yes, you can choose selective sharing--but who bothers? I don't want to be responsible for further cluttering people's lives by dumping all my random "likes" on their Facebook pages. ::sigh:: I think I've just talked myself into learning and using selective sharing.

Related to this is the fact I find discussion boards and the comment section of blogs far more interesting (and navigable) than Facebook. At the moment (and possibly due to my unfamiliarity) Facebook (and Twitter) seem like a lot of white noise--useful engines, background noise to my online life.

It'll be interesting to see how Facebook's ambitions play out and where people (and weight of numbers is a judgement in itself) feel comfortable on the internet.

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