21 May 2010

Being an Author

Okay, 'scuse the vegie break. I'm now back on topic. Patricia Wrede has just blogged on the life of an author--it's characterised by "hurry up and wait". As she says, authors have to be patient.

Publishing schedules rule us, and not we, them. I guess like most occupations there is a certain tempo. Either you adjust to it or you die of hypertension. Umm. Well, maybe not die--but you get cross and change occupations.

I used to think being an author was a very solitary, independent, make your own rules kind of job. Maybe it is for some people, but what I've learned with Carina Press is a writer is part of a book team--other authors, editors, graphic designers, publicists, reviewers, and most importantly, readers all impact the writer's day. And personally, I love it.

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