04 May 2010

Carina Press Authors

Life is full of unexpected joys.

When Angela James accepted my paranormal romance novella, The Price of Freedom, for publication with Carina Press I was excited because I knew it would be part of a great range of books, brilliantly edited, from a publisher I believed would soon establish itself as a trusted name.

All of this remains true. The surprise is the friendship, support, encouragement and laughter growing up between the authors.

Carina Press authors are lovely. You can find them hanging out at Carina Press's blog, also on Twitter (try searching @CarinaPress) and Facebook, and in the countdown to the launch of Carina Press those authors lucky enough to have their novels published in June are stealing the blog from Angela and introducing themselves. This is a great way to meet them, hear their stories and realise they're just like you and me--smart, funny, willing to share their laughter. Make some new friends, pop over and visit the Carina Press blog (and did I mention you can win ebooks?)

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