29 May 2010

Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews

For anyone into the Kate Daniel series, there's no need to read a review of Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews, they'll be auto-buying. The good news is they'll be delighted with the read.

Magic Bleeds is a fantastic fourth book. Characters intro'd in earlier books are included, so you can follow their journey, check they're okay, watch new conflicts develop. But the focus remains on Kate and Curran with revelations of their back stories, some hot new developments as their relationship matures and a swathe of possible future conflicts even as Kate's major issue (the Roland one driving the series) simmers with increasing tension.

The series is an adventure story with a romantic heart. It is about loyalty, choices and paying in pain for those choices. It's also about happy endings--something I hope continues to be true in the future. They're not roses and birdsong happy endings, but they're satisfying for the reader. Characters behave as adults (although I am slightly over the amount of physical damage Kate sustains and soldiers through in each book)--they're not perfect but working on it.

Vivid world building and an imaginative use of mythology are major pluses.

I'd definitely recommend Magic Bleeds to a fantasy/thriller reader, but I'd say "read the whole series".

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