31 May 2010

Monday Mornings

I'm not a swimmer, but if I were I'd say Monday mornings are a bit like going down to the beach in winter, stripping down to bathers, dipping the toe in the water and hesitating. You're there, you're eager to swim, but you just can't quite make yourself jump in.

So at the moment, I'm wading. The water's about knee high. I'm doing all that essential but not quite writing stuff--email, Facebook, Twitter, updating this blog. A second cup of coffee and I'll have courage enough to charge the deep water.

Is there any cure for Monday mornings except for more coffee? Hmm. A laugh often helps. Maybe I'll steal five minutes to visit LOLcats?


  1. Your morning sounds like mine...except I cleaned the house as well.

    Think more coffee might be the answer.

  2. *envy* A clean house I could point to and say--"done something".

    Just read the back bio cover on one of Diana Palmer's books and it said she writes a book every 2 months. 2 months!!! *wail* I'm such an under-achiever. Must...write...faster


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