28 May 2010

Night Owl Romance seeking reviewers

The invitation arrived in my email and I thought I'd pass it on (permission to forward was included in the email). Although at this point I won't be applying to become a reviewer--you can see from this blog that I've become very slack on the writing of reviews.

Do you love to both read and write or know someone who does?

Night Owl Reviews is currently seeking reviewers for all genres. Reviewers need to be readers who love books and enjoy writing.

We do ask that reviewers do at least 3 books a month.

Reviewers select their own books from a listing of available titles

We review both print and ebooks and get books direct from publishers, authors and publicists

We review both small and big press titles

We review a wide range of genres including Romance, YA, Suspense, SFF and Mainstream

If your an author we have a free monthly promo space for one of your books

If you have not reviewed before that is ok. We are here to help train you.

Sign-up Now To Be A Reviewer!!!

(Feel free to forward this email)


The Night Owl Reviews Staff

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