12 May 2010

Paranormal Romance Novels

Dear Author asks the question of paranormal romance novels--are they still popular? how popular? are they something publishers are buying?

As a PNR writer it's a question of great interest, but I found I was actually reading the post as a reader. I was desperate to know if the market was strong enough to support the emergence of new talented authors who would make it onto my to-buy list along with the likes of Patricia Briggs. And the market is that strong. You could argue it's peaked, but you could also argue it's established itself.

PNR is mainstream acceptable.

There is a market, and therefore, a space for new authors as well as popular names.

So now all I have to look out for is the twists--as vampires and werewolves are fully exploited, what new categories of paranormal will take off? ::all fingers crossed:: let it be angels and djinn ;)

Of course, if angels and djinn aren't your thing (told you I was a poet! what a slack rhyme) Carina Press is launching with an impressive range of PNR from new and known authors.

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