26 May 2010

Still trying to understand Twitter

Since I'm more a follower than a tweeter, the thing with Twitter is that I want to follow interesting people. At first I thought this would happen organically. The people I follow would retweet amazing stuff and I'd add the original Tweet person to my "follow" list. To some extent this has happened, but less than I thought it would. Perhaps I'm not giving enough time/energy to Twitter?

So I went and looked at http://wefollow.com/ to cheat and grow my follow list that way. But then the weirdness of that struck me. If I'm going to follow a mass media channel (as some of these Twitter successes seem to be), Twitter is so not the medium of choice. I want something with actual sentences, pictures that don't need to click and open a new window.

All of which leads me to the unhappy realisation that I just don't get Twitter. I'm a tortoise. It's a hare.

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