14 June 2010

1st review for The Price of Freedom

Natasha A at My Disorganized Ramblings has reviewed The Price of Freedom.

This was a well written exotic paranormal. The detail was beautiful and the scenes leaped off the pages.

Ooooh! so happy with the review. Natasha you're wonderful :)
And remember, my contest to celebrate the release of The Price of Freedom is still running. Comment on any post on this blog before midnight Tuesday and go into the draw to win one of two free copies. Just sharing my happiness :)


  1. Yours is on my TBR list! Can't wait to read. Sounds wonderful!

  2. What a terrific review, Jenny! Congrats! Must be exciting to be getting feedback from readers ;)

  3. Absolutely! It's scary and fantastic to know people are reading your book, imagining the world you created. I'm typing here with fingers crossed they like it!


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