03 June 2010


Never heard of Boulognia? Nor had I. But apparently its the land beneath the English Channel when it was land (different sea levels). I wonder if something that sounds like it should be sliced and put between bread will ever catch on?

The term is mentioned in the report on research saying Neanderthals were in Britain way before scientists okay'd them to be there. Tut tut. Don't people ever listen? Not yet! Wait for the thaw, doofus.

Still the whole idea of land bridges and flooded worlds (hence Boulognia) and adventurous wanderers is fantastic.

I'm fascinated that humans once shared the world with another sentient species.


  1. Japp, just read of this. Another "land", submerged too, is named Doggerland. Isn't it beautiful? Just think: now we get material proof of what we always knew - that Earth was different not long ago and Pangeea is not a mith:). Even more fun is the pictures obtained via sattelite about the South and North poles: nice lakes and NO rounded mountins, but with natural appearence. Conclusion? The ice came quick and no big movements happened.
    Liked your add. Kramis

  2. Kramis

    You've given me a new obsession--Doggerland. I'd never heard of it, but it sounds amazing. Mammoth and lion bones and tundra where the North Sea is now. How could I not have heard of it? Okay, so Australia is the opposite side of the world--but still. Wow. I definitely have to learn more. Thank you!


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