05 June 2010

Carina Press launches on Monday

It has been an incredible journey. Being a launch author with Carina Press has taught me so much. I've joined Twitter and Facebook. I've created a website. I'm dipping my toes into the warm tropical waters of the eHarlequin community. I've learned heaps from an incredible editor--Deb Nemeth. Behind the scenes, the Carina Team has been supportive, frantically busy and so creative I've just stood in awe. Most of all, I feel I've made friends.

Writing can be a lonely business. It's you, the screen/keyboard and the voices in your head. Chatting with other authors means sharing laughter with people who understand. Some of these amazing authors will be joining me on this blog. They'll be posting about their journey, about their books (which are sizzling) and about their hopes and dreams for the future--about what they'll be contributing to my "virtual" time capsule to celebrate the launch of Carina Press.

So I hope you'll join us next week and on through the years. Yep, years. Carina Press is awesome and I truly believe it will become not only a source of great stories, but a place of joy and community.


  1. Great post, Jenny.

    Not long 'til launch now!

  2. Honestly, it's so close I feel I'm counting down in heartbeats.


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