13 June 2010

Good advice

One of the great temptations of life is to give people the benefit of your experience--in other words, to stick your beak in unasked and give advice. Now me, I have a pelican-like beak, but I'm trying to reduce it to sparrow proportions. The thing is, what do I do with all that advice I'm not sharing?

Pardon me. I think it's giving me indigestion.

So to save myself from exploding. Here is the piece of advice bursting my beak:

"You're an amazing person."

And if that doesn't sound like advice to you, think about it. Once you know you're amazing, anything is possible.

What is the bit of advice bursting your beak?


  1. Oh, lord, I'm a fellow pelican. I'm filled with random tidbits like "B12. Take it" or "when taking a multiple choice test, don't go back and change your answers, you'll invariably change it from the right answer to the wrong answer" (That's the former teacher in me coming out. Do you know, that probably applies to editing my drafts too)

    What random bit is likely to fall today?

    "Always be nice to people, especially people you don't know. They could be your next publisher." (Yes, there's a story behind that. You'll learn there's always a story with me. Which may be why I'm a writer?)

  2. I like your advice, Leah! esp the one about never knowing where a publisher is lurking. Now, that story's intrigued me.

    re multiple choice questions. I lived for years on my high school biology teacher's advice. When in doubt, choose the longest answer!


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