22 June 2010

Inez Kelley, author of Salome at Sunrise

Hi Jenny!

I have come to show my (_!_).

No, really, I am going to show my ass. Okay, not *MY* ass but… Alright, let me explain – no, that would take too long. Let me sum up.

My Fantasy romance SALOME AT SUNRISE, from Carina Press, the stand-alone sequel to MYLA BY MOONLIGHT has a HEEEYUGE ass in it.

The hero, Bryton.

This man, grrrr. Let me tell you, it is a good thing he is a fictional character or I would have slapped the snot out of him more than once. I didn’t want to write his story at all. He kept bugging me, whispering in my ear, telling me all these secrets to entice me. He’s a like a bratty toddler who keeps pushing and pushing until you give him a cookie.

Fine, I gave him a cookie. I wrote his story. In sixty days. Over 80,000 words. *rubs hand in remembered writer’s cramp*

Once he started talking, he didn’t wait around for me to catch up. Speaking of talking, he has a trucker-mouth. Or he would if truckers existed in my world. He’s a soldier, a warrior, a tough guy who doesn’t take back-talk from anybody. He and he alone had the balls to stand up to Taric and say, “Yo, Prince-dude, you screwed up by screwing the magic chick!”

Enter his heroine, Salome. Come on now, do you really think I was going to let him shack up with some sweet, obedient little Ms. Nobel Lady? (Elmer Fudd voice: You don’t know me very well, do you?) I had to make his ass suffer. So I gave him a mouthy little firecracker in an orange dress. The best foil for a hero like Bryton was none other than Mother Nature. She put his ass on the ground the first day, literally!

But then, magic happened. They found a truce, a peace, that blossomed into a love that shocked me with its depth. Salome at Sunrise, the story I didn’t plan to write, touched me like no other story has.

But Bryton is still an ass. An ass that somehow defied the odds and became my favorite hero.

Inez Kelley

Twitter @ http://twitter.com/Inez_Kelley


  1. O-okay. I think the hiccups with the new blog template have been sugar spooned away. So glad you're here, Inez! even if you're being cheeky ;)

    I love reading about how authors fall in love with their own heroes.

    Dorothy Sayers once wrote that in some circumstances she just asked herself what Lord Peter Wimsy would do, and then did it.

    Also, you can read a great review of Salome at Sunrise here (http://realmsonourbookshelvesofficial.blogspot.com/2010/06/arc-review-inez-kelley-salome-at.html). If you leave a comment at the review, you'll go in the draw to win a copy. Happy reading!

  2. whoo! just downloaded it today and i CAN'T WAIT! i kinda have a crush on Bryton already - there's a definite soft spot in my heart for the mouthy ones.

  3. I am so in love with Bryton it's not even funny. Then again, I have a thing for red heads. *sigh* Can't wait to read it!

  4. Bryton is definitely crush material. A vulnerable tough guy -- my favourite kind :) And red hair makes me think of freckles and Dennis the Menace--so cute. Can you see Dennis growing into being Bryton?


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