28 June 2010

I've been visiting

I popped in over at Embrace the Shadows. If you love paranormal romance, you really should have that blog on feed or bookmarked. They are obsessed with (no, no, connoisseurs of) covers. I completely understand. Covers are fantastic graphic art. They even run voting contests, so be sure to pick your faves.

Here's my post at EtS on "The Price of Freedom".

And later in the week I'll be visiting Alice Gaines, discussing the faith aspect of writing romances.

Woohoo!!! Alice will be posting here on Tuesday. And on Wednesday you'll meet V K Sykes who has an awesome Carina Press cover that no golfing nut can resist.

All this excitement and a novella to complete--I think I'll be slightly crazy this week.

Talking of completing my novella. Since the setting is Syria, I've dashed over to Flickr and found some amazing photos to inspire me. I'll be posting them here through the week, with sincere thanks to the talented photographers who've shared their Syrian experiences. The generosity of the online community is limitless :)

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