14 June 2010

Looks like I have a new blog design

I went to investigate the options of Blogger's new template design. *sigh* Because I'm a tech idiot (which is politer than what I called myself in the heat of the moment) my poking around only resulted in me losing my original simple template. Consider this version a filler until I work out what the heck to do. Even the banner doesn't fit.

Why do I do these things? *bangs head against desk* I'm having Cindy Spencer Pape visit tomorrow. Plus my novella is releasing from Carina Press overnight. And what do I have? A hastily scrabbled together blog template!

If anyone's lost a tech jinx, it's inhabiting my computer and feeding on my ignorance. The little piglet is growing fat!


  1. Hey there, Jammy! I thought I was the only idiot who changed things around minutes before some kind of critical deadline. Nice to know I'll have some company in future. Mwahahahahahahahaaha.

    (Still, it's nice, you know. I like it.)

  2. I guess it's like being told not to lick the frozen lamp post -- you know better, you'd never usually dream of doing it, but can you resist? and then your tongue hurts and you're talking like an idiot for days.

    and don't think I missed that "Jammy"--Duri!!!

    Oh dear, now I'm just being silly. We have a Jamie Durie over here who used to be a male dancer/stripper and is now a semi-famous garden designer/TV host. And thinking of you devouring duriens ... anyway, thanks for the reassurance on the blog template, Duri ;)


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