07 June 2010

Monday Morning Busy

I'm elbow deep in preparations for a fantastic week.

Tomorrow I'm visiting Claire Robyns' blog. It's a long journey from Australia to England, but I'm up for the challenge. I have my water wings and I'm about to start swimming. If anyone knows a migrating whale with whom I could hitch a ride, let me know ;)

Okay, but then I have to swim back smartish. Janni Nell is visiting here Wednesday. She's another Aussie, though from the wrong side of the continent. Do you know she thinks the right place for the sun to rise is over the ocean? Unbelievable. Every West Aussie knows the sun sets over the ocean. Still, we all have our foibles and Janni is great--plus she has fantastic taste in guardian angels! While she's adding class to this blog, I'm lowering the tone of hers--so don't forget to visit Janni's blog.

Thursday is really stretching the travel budget. Leah Braemel is from Canada which means she has a seriously cool accent (to Aussie ears). I used to love the TV show "Due South". Leah's visiting here while I visit there. And Leah brings photos!!

On Friday, K S Augustin rounds out our globetrotting. I visit Malaysia while she visits Perth. The distance is nothing to Kaz. She writes some seriously sexy sci fi and that requires hyperdrive and wormholes and beam me up now. Windsurfing from Malaysia is nothing to Kaz!

Okay, and if all that is not enough. Carina Press launches today. Obviously America is about twelve hours behind Perth, so they're still sleeping. But when they wake up--hoo boy--it'll be snappy happenings.

And I have developmental edits for "Angel Thief" to tangle with. So I'm busy with a capital B--and very happy :)

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