15 June 2010

Release Day! The Price of Freedom is available from Carina Press

The day is finally here. The Price of Freedom is out with Carina Press.

I'm celebrating all around Internet town.

Currently, I'm over at WeWriteRomance asking the important question--What are your three impossible wishes? I want to meet aliens, but other people have really amazing wishes.

Later in the day I'll be over at Cindy's blog, Write Faster!

In between I'm dropping in at Bitten by Books to celebrate Dee Tenorio's release from Carina Press, Tempting the Enemy.

And who knows where else I'll be. Take care all. Hope you're as happy as I am :)


  1. Happy release day, Jenny! How exciting!

  2. Thank you :) I really am bubbling over with happiness and having to control my typing fingers so that I don't just scatter smiley faces everywhere :) :) :)

  3. You know, it's quite a-OK to bubble over on such a momentous occasion!! Smilies and bubbling over for all! And wishing you many, many more such special debut days in the future, Jenny!

  4. And if we're bubbling, I guess that means it's champagne time? :) Glasses all round and a cute waiter ;)


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