21 June 2010

Today is Edits Day AND I'll be visiting Liz Fichera

A final run-through of "Angel Thief" before I send the developmental edits back to Deb. I must watch out for adverbs (but they're lovely!), dialogue tags (I adore them) and filter words (okay, these I hate, but they still slip in). I think I've made the substantial changes, but I want to read through and check the tweaks to character and plot.

As a reward for this dedication to duty, I'll be visiting Liz Fichera's blog later in the day--or maybe tomorrow--timezone differences mess with my mind and Arizona is a long way away.


  1. Oh, I love a good adverb too and don't mind a tag or ten either but I'm with you on filter words. Horrid things!

  2. and they just creep in. "He thought. She seemed. It appeared..."


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