12 July 2010

Am I RomCon obsessed?

No, but I do want to hear the goss. Over at Dear Author, Jane doesn't get gossipy, but she does cover some of what's happened at RomCon, including the debate over the role of reviewers. I like EC Sheedy's comment about reviews/ers being more interesting for readers than authors--my words. And here is Jane's sum up on RomCon.

Given that my previous post was about joining ARRA (Australian Romance Readers Assoc) I'm interested in RomCon and the suggestion it was tipped more to authors driving the event than readers -- though that could just be my cursory reading of feedback from attendees. I'm an old sociology student (read Foucault) so I can't resist the question "When readers and authors gather, where does the power lie?" Readers by buying the books enable authors to be published, but without authors, what would readers read?

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