23 July 2010

Attn Brain Researchers

No, I don't need you to find my brain. I know it's that grey flabby stuff too seldom used that fills my skull.

I need an answer to why it is so much easier to write negative poetry than celebratory stuff. If you don't believe me, just look at how few joyous love songs there are compared to the cheating/breaking heart ballads.

Why is negative self-expression easier than positive? Is it self-indulgence, a lack of discipline, a sad old world?

I swear I am not a negative person (cynical at times, yeah, okay, but not depressed or anarchistic). So why are my poems serious verging on dark? And why do I see the same tendency in so many other people's work?

Maybe I should only write limericks.


  1. But even the words of negative self-expression can be beautiful, right? I'm hardly an expert but I think writing can be therapeutic. Sometimes weird, even sad, events can motivate me to write more than the good ones. It's certainly an interesting question, Jenny!

  2. Maybe that is a major part of the answer, that writing helps us make sense of events -- and we're far less likely to question our happiness. We just enjoy it.

    And you're right. I'd forgotten (how? mind like a sieve) that writing is used as a therapy.


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