07 July 2010

Blogger must be hungry

Blogger is chewing some comments. They do seem to be turning up later--and I swear to you, I have changed no settings--must be a technical glitch. If this continues I'll bend someone's ear over at the help forum.


  1. There are a few people complaining about that :)

  2. Thank goodness! not that everyone's suffering, but that's it's not something I did. I think I'm (just a tad) neurotic about tech stuff--thinking I have superpowers to break the Internet. Good grief. Thanks for the you're not alone comment, Natasha--and are you feeling better? Hope so :)

  3. Yes and no...I feel much better and then I feel horrible again....
    One more day off work, and 8 more days of penicillin.

  4. Yuk. It's always horrible being sick in summer. And going back to work before you feel really well. *sympathy*


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