16 July 2010

Bribery and blogs

Contests drive traffic to a blog. People love the chance to win something. Is it bribery, the dangling carrot that most donkeys will never get to eat? Who cares! The post title "bribery and blogs" isn't about bribing readers to drop in--it's about bloggers bribing themselves to come up with a creative post!

I've just made a deal with myself. No Twitter until I have a post up for today. Immediately, my posting persona sprang up and said, "hey, that makes a neat post. A couple of paras on bribing/rewarding yourself as a blogger and then you can tap Twitter."

So what can I say about rewarding yourself? Make it things that you know brighten your life. A new song, pretty pictures, a fresh cup of coffee, connecting with friends online. Don't make it things that make it easy to walk away from your computer.

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