08 July 2010

Claire's been continent hopping

Claire Robyns, debut author of a sexy Scottish historical romance called Betrayed, is another globe trotter. All the way from England to visit this blog! Thanks Claire :) When she arrives in a few minutes I don't want any Pommie jokes--Claire's originally from South Africa, so Pommie jokes will only make you look silly (sillier?). But you can ask questions. Over at Kaz's blog I asked Claire about castles...and oh dear, it's true. They really are cold, damp and (un)romantic--but we love them anyway!

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  1. Ah gee! No Pommie jokes? Not even after the World Cup here in South Africa?? :( Never mind, my brother-in-law is a Brit & he & my sister live half the year in the UK and the other half here in South Africa, so I suppose I better not tell those Pom jokes, not even the one about the Pom and the...okay, I'll stop right there!!!! :):):)


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