12 July 2010

Cover art fact sheets

I love cover art fact sheets. I get to talk (okay, filling in a form is technically writing/typing) about my book and then I get a lovely gift of an artist's vision of it. Joyful.

My art fact sheet for Angel Thief (second novella in the Out of the Bottle series) is due this week. I'm enjoying writing about Sara and Filip's story and the romance of a djinni in the Australian outback.

Less pleasantly, and rambling off topic. I've discovered the heroine in my sweet contemporary has to be recast. My old bugbear of insufficient conflict has reappeared. Damn and blast. So Claire's story is going to have to change from one of a girl finding her identity and confidence, to a woman driven by her passion (caring for people) who has to stop and acknowledge that she, too, needs to be cared for. The story will be stronger, but more complicated to write, and I think it's a case of starting from scratch.

You'd think at this point I could start a novel without having to commit myself, write, scream, grit my teeth and start all over again. It must be that the actual act of writing clears my mind and switches on the internal editor, as opposed to the internal dreamer (who always wants life to be hearts and roses for characters at all times).

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